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Chess Connect Zimbabwe is a youth development civic organization that seeks to improve young
people’s academic outcomes and bring socio-economic development within our communities by
harnessing the benefits of the world’s oldest game of chess. Our programs are designed to equip and
expand young people’s perspectives on life and develop them to become leaders and instruments of
change in their communities.
We use chess as a foundation of our initiative for youth development. However, chess is not our
conclusive solution to the problems we seek to address, we therefore offer tailor made programs that
address Six (6) core principles: Academic enrichment, Civic Engagement, Entrepreneurship/Career
Path Development, mentorship, recreation and Girl Child Empowerment


To provide young people of all backgrounds and abilities a powerful framework for success in school
and life.


To develop a principled, smart and self-driven generation of future leaders equipped to lead and
impact society.


To introduce chess to schools throughout Zimbabwe and use chess for its educational purposes, not for
the sake of teaching chess and not just to create better chess players, but to improve educational

To bring life and educational benefits of chess to young people throughout Zimbabwe by

connecting chess with the community, business and most importantly the people.

To provide a platform for mentorship and career guidance to underprivileged young people and propel
them towards academic or chess excellence.

To reduce delinquency and drug use among young people by providing new experiences and positive
platforms for recreation and interactions where ideas are shared by young people from different
backgrounds and abilities.

To bridge the gap between different sections of the society and fostering equal participation and
inclusion of young people.

To attract and manage donor funding for the purpose of supporting education and chess activities as a
tool for education, and social development across the Zimbabwe.

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Chess Education

Our values







Lets Make You a professional


As our motto says, “Think before you move!!”, this we consider to be the greatest of life lessons that
chess offers. Life, just like a game of chess can be a tragedy of one impulsive move. Fortunately, in a
game of chess one can take lessons and live to fight another day, but on the contrary, in real life one
might not be afforded another chance, hence the greater the need to live carefully and circumspectly.
Taking thorough considerations at every moment, in all areas of life and avoid unnecessary risks while
maximizing the outcomes.


Chess is a universal game, knowing no boundaries of age, gender, faith, ethnicity or disability. It
promotes key intellectual skills such as problem solving logical thinking, planning, pattern
recognition, memory and collaboration. Playing chess also fosters intellectual character. Its cerebral
reputation boosts self-esteem and gives its practitioners grit-the tenacity to cope with adversitywhich helps them grow into rounded and employable individuals. It does this by teaching young
people how to win and lose gracefully, to think ahead and forsee the consequencies of their actions.
“Chess is one of the most powerful educational tools available to strengthen a child’s mind.
Whatever a child’s age, chess can enhance concerntration, patience, and perseverance, as well as
develop creativiy, intuition, memory, and most importantly, the ability to analyse and deduce from a
set of general principles, learning to make tough decisions and solve problems flexibly.” Peter
Dauverge, University of Sydney: Chess as a Tool to Develop Our Children’s Mind

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